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​​For assistance and legal advice with real estate matters in Connecticut, the Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio are here to represent your best interests. Whether you need help selling a property, drafting a leasing agreement, handling tenant-land lord disputes, or closing a commercial property purchase, Connecticut real estate lawyer Audrey J. Porzio will protect your rights and see to it your case resolves as quickly and successfully as possible.

Knowledgeable in a WideRange of Real Estate and Property Transactions

Our real estate attorneys in Connecticut handle a wide range of legal matters for homeowners, condominium associations, renters, property managers, and corporations – to name a few. Resolving a real estate matter can be complex, and requires the expertise of a knowledgeable attorney who has a full understanding of Connecticut real estate and property laws. Issues can arise when drafting contracts, while trying to obtain a loan, while fighting a foreclosure, and at any point during closing, but with our skilled property lawyers on your side, you can rest easy knowing every aspect of your case will be handled thoroughly and professionally from the very first contract draft to closing.

Turn to the Connecticut real estate lawyers at the Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio for assistance with any of the following matters:

Boundary Disputes                  Refinancing  
Breach of Contract                   Renter Contracts
Closings                                   Sales and Purchase 
Landlord-Tenant Disputes       Short Sale   
Leasing                                    Tenant Eviction    
Refinancing                             Title Transfers   

Helping You Resolve Legal Real Estate Matters Smoothly and Successfully

Real estate transactions can be extremely confusing and frustrating, whether you are a buyer, seller, renter, or investor. It’s important to work with an experienced attorney who can answer all your questions and simplify the process as much as possible so proceedings can resolve quickly and successfully. Whether you are currently in the midst of a personal or commercial real estate transaction, you can count on Connecticut real estate attorney Audrey J. Porzio to offer you superior legal counsel and a smooth, easy transaction for all parties involved in the case.

Contact the Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio today to discuss the best approach to handling your real estate case..