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If you are in the midst of divorce or legal separation or if you have been struggling with family-related issues, it may be time to consult with an experienced family law attorney for help. Whether the matter is related to marriage or dissolution, child custody or paternity the Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio, LLC can help protect your rights and will work diligently to resolve your case as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How Our Family Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

When it comes to resolving a family matter, there are several details that must be taken into account. The lives of every family member can be jeopardized because of a dispute or family battle, and without the help of a skilled and committed family attorney, minor disagreements can turn into lengthy, drawn-out battles that can affect everyone, especially young children.  We understand that just how every family is unique, so is each family law case. We will help you and your loved ones come to a resolution. Contact us for assistance with any of the following family law matters:

Alimony (Spousal Support)
Asset Division
Child Abuse
Child Custody
Child Support
Domestic Violence
Legal Separation

Resolving a family issue can take time, patience, and above all, an understanding of each family’s needs. With Audrey J. Porzio as your Connecticut family lawyer, you can rest assured the best interests of you and your loved ones will be the main priority. Contact us today to discuss the best approach for your case so you and your loved ones can attain a swift and positive resolution.

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