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Have you been accused of a crime in Connecticut? Are you facing expensive fines and possible jail time? Do you feel as though you’ve been wrongfully accused? If so, you may benefit from the experience of a criminal defense attorney to represent you for your charges. We at the Law Firm of Audrey J. Porzio, LLC are the Connecticut criminal defense lawyers to turn to when you need swift and assertive legal representation. We will take on your case and help secure the best possible outcome as quickly and smoothly as possible. Whether you were accused of a misdemeanor or felony crime, you will be represented with passion and integrity and we will see to it your rights are upheld.

Protecting the Rights Of the Accused

Whenever an individual is accused of committing a crime that person has the right to seek legal counsel to ensure they do not suffer excessive penalties or punishment for a crime for which there is little or no evidence they may have committed. If you have been accused of a criminal offense in Connecticut, whether it’s a petty offense or felony, the Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio, LLC will work diligently to serve your needs and offer you superior legal representation.

Connecticut criminal defense attorney AudreyJ. Porzio will evaluate every aspect of your case, investigating the scene of the incident and speaking with witnesses and authorities in order to establish evidence in your favor. Attorney Porzio understands no two criminal cases are the same, and will give your case the individual level of attention it deserves so you can walk away from court with the most favorable resolution. Whether you are under investigation, were recently arrested or are awaiting trial, trust that representation by the Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio at your defense, you will have top legal representation every step of the way.

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